New version with group chat

Version 1.3.0 is waiting for you in the market. Some of you requested a group chat feature, here it is. Now you can start and join Second Life group chats on your phone.


  • group chat feature
  • compatible with CDMA phones
  • timestamps for offline IMs
  • message on inventory received
  • some small bugfixes

If you like it rate it high on the market, if you don’t like it post a comment here ;-).

9 Responses to “New version with group chat”

  1. AngelOD says:

    Well it -was- working great, but now it just won’t connect to server, and it is trying to put the blame on my connection, but I have tested my connection, and it’s fine. I’m guessing there’s a server issue somewhere, but it should be more informative, possibly having a status indicator on another site, specifying the status of the involved servers? :-)

  2. cherrial says:

    loving the updates and hating that I can’t log in. any fixes yet?

    • Kurt says:

      I’m sorry. The service was unavailable from yesterday 22:24 until today 07:56 (UTC), while I was in bed :-( . It’s up and running again.
      There was a problem after updating the server which caused it to crash and in addition the watchdog script refused to work also.
      But both problems are fixed now.

  3. AngelOD says:

    Sounds good, Kurt. ^^

  4. Nick says:

    Thought I would give you an update Kurt, got the update from the market on my CDMA hero and it works great now! Of course, I did download it from the market last night while your server was done lol. I tried it again this morning though and it worked the charm :-)

    Keep up the great work!

  5. cyndy says:

    Hi , love the program did the upgrade but when i log in my friends can see me but cant see what i type :( any fix please ????

    • Kurt says:

      Local chat, IM or group chat?
      If chat, can you see your own messages?
      Maybe you are whispering?

      Please send me your avatar’s name and the version (stated in about dialog) you are using by e-mail (the address you have entered is not valid).

  6. cyndy says:

    what phones will work with this program ??

    • Kurt says:

      At the moment all Android devices with normal and big displays, no matter if it’s a cell phone, netbook, tablet or something else. It’s used by people with T-Mobile G1, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid and Milestone just to name a few.
      The next version (coming this or next week) will also support devices with small displays (e.g. the HTC Tattoo).
      For a list of Android powered devices have a look at Wikipedia or at